Poker Strategy in Texas Hold’em

Whether you are playing poker for fun or for real money, it is a very good idea to know some basic poker strategy and play the game following what such strategy talks about. The poker strategy is different for the different kinds of poker. This is because there are inherent variations in the different kinds of poker, and having one set strategy for the different types of the game just would not work. So your strategy for Texas Hold’em would be slightly different from the strategy you would employ for, say, one of the Omaha games.

Basic Poker Strategy for Texas Hold’em

If you are a beginner at poker who wants to play Texas Holdem, you would do well to first practice the game using the play for fun feature available at most of the online casinos and online poker rooms. By practicing online, you increase your awareness about the different aspects of the game and reduce the possibility of slipping up, especially considering you are new to the game.

One of the things you can do in Texas Holdem is to start small. You must understand one thing – the need to defend the small blind. This may seem trivial, especially if we are talking of a game where the blind is between $1 and $2. There are many who will instantly say, ‘Why so much of fuss for a $1 blind?’ That is where you are wrong. Imagine you are playing this kind of a game regularly, and more often than not letting your guard down for the small blind. Can you even calculate the amount of money you stand to lose over a long time period? You could lose at least a few hundreds of dollars. As it happens many times in life, in poker too it pays to look at the big picture!

More about Poker Strategy for Texas Hold’em

Poker Strategy High Cards

As you may well know, Texas Hold’em is a game that is about high cards; your best option in this game is to have two high cards. That would give you the optimal chance of creating a hand that is really sound. You would do well to play if you have a strong hand with high cards, especially during the early betting positions. Later in the game, you can try your luck with hands that may not be rock solid, but firm enough to work things in your favor.

When you are playing a hand that has high cards, you would do well to try to maximize your chances of winning. This you can do using the technique of raising the stakes so people with weak hands would automatically drop off and increase the odds in your favor.

Of course, it goes without saying that before adopting all this poker strategy, you must be aware of what high cards, medium cards, and low cards are. Familiarization with the terms and jargon associated with poker is a prerequisite to being able to play well. Unless you do not know what the different terms stand for, you will not be able to do much in terms of learning strategy for the game.

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